We are looking for a Creative Technologist

As Creative Technologist at BAS ITG you will be working with concept ideation and realization from a technical perspective. Due to the broad spectrum of innovative projects at ITG, you need to be comfortable in a hybrid role where your delivery and responsibility is as varied as our projects.


You’ll be responsible for the overall system architecture as well as actually prototyping and coding IoT / hardware products and digital web and mobile experiences.


You should be comfortable being the primary interface towards the customer, even if in most projects you will be supported by a full-stack project manager. Depending on the project you will work with an extended team of subcontractors for hardware and software development. You should be comfortable leading them in, collaborating on the various layers of the infrastructure for our customers platforms and applications.


You will help develop BAS ITG:s methodologies with regards to emerging technologies projects, hardware and software prototyping and development. You can explain the production process related to developments; the steps of the process, dependencies and why certain amount of time is required.


You are:

  • An explorer
  • Not afraid of challenges and the unknown, and likes solving problems
  • Language agnostic and understand how to work with several languages and databases.
  • Interested in emerging technologies and market trends.
  • Patient and able to translate complicated technical solutions into understandable “non-techy” language for the team (of designers, business developers and project managers) as well as the client.


BAS ITG is a fast growing company focusing on innovation, business development and emerging technologies. We are helping startups to market leaders finding new revenue streams through innovative solutions. From smartphones to air purifiers, from fashion to streaming media, from shopping centers to eye wear.


BAS ITG is a team of 10 curious people from different corners of the world who think nothing is impossible. We work tightly with our (big) sister company BAS ID and based right in central Stockholm.  


Please send your application and CV to anna@basitg.com