Freelway is a service where we help each other to transport things and goods we need. The service builds on a global trend in which people share existing resources. You might help your neighbour with a letter or small package when you commute to work by train or car. It could also be you, as a business, that helps other companies run goods while you’re out on various errands. If you’re a private person, you use the service free of charge.

As human beings, we are basically caring and willing to contribute to facilitating the everyday lives of neighbours, friends and even people we do not know. Individuals and local businesses help to benefit the countryside, the economy and the environment both in the short and the long term. We hope you will be involved and make a difference, contributing to a more sustainable and caring world. In helping each other, we make our everyday lives happier and easier. We also get the chance to meet acquaintances and make new friends.

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