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Zound Industries, famous for their Urbanears and Marshall lifestyle audio products, has grown more than 10,000% in five years. Already leading their industry, they wanted to expand into new business areas to diversify their revenue streams and position themselves not only as a design & audio company, but firmly as a technology company. And they wanted to do it in dramatic fashion.

With Zound and BAS ITG working closely together from the outset, the perfect opportunity was identified. On paper you’d say we found a gap in the mobile music market. In reality – and in the true spirit of the endeavour – the teams were asked to build the most rock ‘n’ roll phone in existence: the Marshall London.

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Realising the vision of Zound president Konrad Bergström was a tremendous challenge, involving strategy, production, project management, design and development. To pull it off, we knew we’d have to turn our agility and ingenuity up to eleven. Our core team, was designed to be small enough in number to ensure maximum speed and adaptability, and represented the very best of our multidisciplinary competences. We then found the industry’s best talent from all over the world to collaborate with Zound, and this diversity gave a rarely attainable depth to the project. By bringing in a team that stood out just as much as the Marshall brand itself, BAS ITG was able to add a special touch to a beautiful product. And we did it all in a year – a feat unheard of in this space.


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Watch the keynote speech delivered by Stefan Wessels (CTO of BAS ITG) at the Marshall London launch HERE.


The launch was held at One Mayfair in the heart of London – the city where Jim Marshall, the founder of the brand, started his own musical journey. The event was covered by British GQ, Android Authority and End Gadget among others, and BAS ITG couldn’t be more thrilled with the reviews. It’s safe to say that this new addition to Marshall’s product offering has already established the brand as a new leader in the mobile audio market.

Best sounding phone 2016 UK: Marshall London audio performance

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