BAS ITG was approached by MOST (Mobile and Sensory Technology) about a challenge faced globally by exporters of fruit (perishables). The problem was that the producer and exporter had no control over their goods once they were loaded into a container – and yet the producer and exporter remained financially responsible until the shipment reached its final destination. The founders of MOST realised that the IoT could have a positive effect on this multibillion-dollar uncertainty.

BAS ITG supported MOST in the creation of a sensor-software and hardware platform that places the relevant import and export data firmly in the hands of the parties most affected by dubious logistics. These innovations, together with a thorough go-to-market process, have led to the creation of a multimillion-dollar company.

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The first major challenge for our team was to develop brand-new, multifunctional hardware and software, and make it all work flawlessly. For this, BAS ITG coordinated international suppliers and teams in Sweden, South Africa and Finland. We also had to build and project-manage an entire organisation to handle sales, marketing, support, logistics and financing across the world, readying the product for launch in seven countries. All in under a year.

The results have been a resounding success. Today, MOST empowers exporters, importers and inland transport concerns with wireless real-time positioning, together with instantly accessible data on temperature, humidity, light and movement. This diversity of function has led to MOST’s incorporation far beyond its initial use for perishables, textiles and electronics, as industries of all kinds recognise the technology’s invaluable role. Indeed, the positive implications for business-planning, decision-making, insurance and beyond, are huge. And so it is with all truly innovative ideas: they provide a massive leap forward.


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