Ankarsrum Kitchen Assistant is the best in class and a must have for everyone trying to be anyone in the kitchen. BAS ITG & BAS ID foodies was ecstatic when this iconic Swedish food maker asked us to create a customer experience for their e-commerce platform that matched their heritage and class, and supported their […]

How digital product design is disrupting traditional industry definitions

It is becoming something of a truism that digital product design is disrupting traditional industries. I think it is interesting, though, to focus on how this is happening, and especially in retail, where consumer experience is a vital element. Four emerging retail models A recent World Economic Forum report identified four emerging business models in […]

Virtual Insanity

“For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.” Richard Feynmen.     When I left the army in 1992 I got onto a plane to London where I got a job as a nursing assistant in an old age home in Surrey, while I was looking for […]

Breakfast Seminar, March 8 Commercial Trends 2016 – Retail meets the Consumer

Welcome to an exciting breakfast seminar presented by BASITG, BAS and Dagens Handel. The themes are around commercial trends with a focus on unique experiences in a dynamic relationship between brand and consumer. Retail meets consumer. We call it #Consumerience [con-su-meer-iens] A new kind of consumption experience that brings brave, smart, and open-minded consumers and brands […]