Corporate America’s secret sauce

I have been active in business and mostly international business for close onto 25 years. Drifting between intercontinental corporate cultures from Asian to European to businesses in America and I have always between fascinated by why US companies (not the banks but others) generally come up smiling in a macro business culture. It cannot be […]

When everything is liquid and everyone is a shareholder.

An intense rate of experimentation is currently taking place into what might eventually be an entirely new way of doing business in the internet economy. With the advent of cryptocurrency-based digital tokens, a business can completely blur the traditional lines between salary, equity and vouchers, creating an efficient way of funding projects.It works in a […]

Cryptocurrency – the holy grail of paid content

During the last six months, we at ITG have made a broad dive into the somewhat bizarre world of cryptocurrency, a field where – behind hype and speculation – there’s an incredible rate of innovation. The question of the feasibility of digital cash might finally be resolved, along with trending issues of online identity, security […]