When everything is liquid and everyone is a shareholder.

An intense rate of experimentation is currently taking place into what might eventually be an entirely new way of doing business in the internet economy. With the advent of cryptocurrency-based digital tokens, a business can completely blur the traditional lines between salary, equity and vouchers, creating an efficient way of funding projects.It works in a […]

Exponential Technology Explained for Beginners

Sometimes you surf the web and dig up a gem like this and it just says something important  in a excellent paint-by-numbers manner. BASITG  works with exponential technology daily and we do not just try to solve our customer’s day to day digital challenges but also try to prepare them for a future that looks […]

Cryptocurrency – the holy grail of paid content

During the last six months, we at ITG have made a broad dive into the somewhat bizarre world of cryptocurrency, a field where – behind hype and speculation – there’s an incredible rate of innovation. The question of the feasibility of digital cash might finally be resolved, along with trending issues of online identity, security […]

The Mere-Cutting Effect and rediscovering slow-media

(thank you Carel Alberts for being an editor extraordinaire) As always seems to be the case with me, a recent 2-hour flight became a rare and memorable time to consume some slow media. Why is it a thing? I suppose life happens and I tend to turn to paper when I must, using it to […]

Working in tech as a non-techie person

I´m not a techie person! And by techie I mean my friends who vacuums the Internet on bitcoins, nerds down into details of the latest Mac OS release and waits for the release conference as a child on Christmas eve or my boyfriend who can sit indoors on a sunny (!!) Saturday trying out a […]

ITG introduces the latest recruit

Growing up I always knew I wanted to work with new technology and consumer products. I remember surfing the web in the early 90′s being disappointed because of the lack of social services, I remember ICQ being the best means of communication. Now, 20 years later, I can surf the web on my smartphone and […]

Data is just a fancy word for logistics and other retail revolutions

This has probably been done before because anybody that has access to Wikipedia must have been able to put this together. Apparently we are living in exponential times. Positives are bigger (smaller), better, faster. Negatives are decreasing at the same exponential rate as well, despite what some scare mongering media wants you to believe.http://www.spectator.co.uk/the-week/leading-article/8789981/glad-tidings/ For […]

ITG Starts Consulting in Cryptocurrency

Digital currencies, with Bitcoin in particular has been described as ”the new internet”, an industry currently valued at 10 BUSD, and growing at a rate of 400% yearly. What threats and opportunities arise in your industry in a world of free and frictionless transactions? Our consulting services provide an unique insight into the world of […]

Entrepreneur vs Financier

About two weeks ago I was at a seminar where one of the key note speakers was introduced as an entrepreneur . He had it all. The swagger, the million dollar smile, the gift of the gab and the ego. His keynote was about his start-ups and the capital injection he has raised over the […]

Its going to be fun watching Generation X take over!

As the new decade begins, a fresh generation of leaders and decision-makers is now emerging on the world stage. With the last of the Silent Generation passing away, and the Baby Boomers waning in their influence, the so-called “Generation X” is coming into power. Born between the late 1960s and early 1980s, Gen-Xers are more […]