Congratulations to the team at Helix Cognitive Computing for launching their new Blockchain contender!  The Interesting Times Gang got the opportunity to do an innovation sprint with the Helix team last year in the advent of their development, and we’re excited to see the vision come to life.  About Helix  By using a next-generation peer-to-peer […]

EVERYhere – Trend seminar everyhere

Our new consumer trend report from is spreading it’s wings. Our insights aims to inspire and provide knowledge of the retail industry but also to give concrete advice for the clients of BAS ITG. We’ve produced The Commercial Trends reports since 2008. For more information please contact info@basitg.com


This is the most exciting time to be in retail. Tech and digital are changing customer experience and the way people shop. We want to take on a holistic view and address the question how new technologies can help drive footfall and revenues.   The 20 of October we are holding a breakfast seminar in […]

The Internet of Things / The Twisted Copper Pair Podcast with Erich Hugo

So we’ve written quite a bit about the Internet of Things, but in this episode of the Twisted Copper Pair Podcast, we get into the detail with Erich Hugo of BAS ITG. During the conversation, Erich dispels a few myths, gives us an insight into how IoT solutions come about and their practical value.   […]

Virtual Insanity

“For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.” Richard Feynmen.     When I left the army in 1992 I got onto a plane to London where I got a job as a nursing assistant in an old age home in Surrey, while I was looking for […]


FRESH FROM MWC 2016 BARCELONA  BLOOMBERG NEWS FEED   The MOST solution is designed to monitor the total supply chain in number of industries. Users of the service will get real-time data on location, temperature, light, humidity and shock over the intuitive MOST Web interface. With the plug-and-play capability to attach an external sensor via […]

King-founder Invests in Sensor Technology

King-founder invests in sensor technology  The newly established Swedish sensor technology company Most (Swedish Mobile Sensory Technology AB) launches a world leading IoT product expected to revolutionize the supply management and transport integrity of sensitive goods such as fruit, vegetables and electronics. The demand and growth potential of Mosts product is considered very high. The […]

Blueair Wins Innovation Awards at IFA 2015

Blueair won two awards for the most innovative products at IFA 2015 – the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics. For more on BASITG’s work with this inspiring company follow the white rabbit.

Marshall London Wins Best of IFA 2015

Amazing news last weekend when Marshall London was rewarded with Best of IFA 2015 and GIGA AWARD for ‘Best Designed Product’!

Culture trumps competence! Join us!

Hi Everyone, we are on a roll, building amazing devices, creating new consumer behaviours, writing poems, creating databases, analysing data and learning why digital and analogue solutions built with LOVE generally do win in the end. And there are so many wonderfully competent people out there that we can pick and choose like kids in a candy […]