Ankarsrum Kitchen Assistant is the best in class and a must have for everyone trying to be anyone in the kitchen. BAS ITG & BAS ID foodies was ecstatic when this iconic Swedish food maker asked us to create a customer experience for their e-commerce platform that matched their heritage and class, and supported their […]

EVERYhere – Trend seminar everyhere

Our new consumer trend report from is spreading it’s wings. Our insights aims to inspire and provide knowledge of the retail industry but also to give concrete advice for the clients of BAS ITG. We’ve produced The Commercial Trends reports since 2008. For more information please contact info@basitg.com

An Ode to Marshall London’s Chief Software Architect

The sound of Marshall’s London lifestyle phone for music lovers are finally rolling over the hills. More information about this grand piece of music history will follow over the next month until it gets to stand the test of the market on the 21th of August. There is a genius to Zound Industries to which little compare and most of us at Interesting […]

Culture trumps competence! Join us!

Hi Everyone, we are on a roll, building amazing devices, creating new consumer behaviours, writing poems, creating databases, analysing data and learning why digital and analogue solutions built with LOVE generally do win in the end. And there are so many wonderfully competent people out there that we can pick and choose like kids in a candy […]