So incredibly beautiful to see the sign-language presenter, for children’s news program Lilla Aktuellt on Swedish Television, experiencing Glitch at Tekniska museet – Hyper Human. #exhibitiondesign #experienceengineering #fearlessbydesign

How digital product design is disrupting traditional industry definitions

It is becoming something of a truism that digital product design is disrupting traditional industries. I think it is interesting, though, to focus on how this is happening, and especially in retail, where consumer experience is a vital element. Four emerging retail models A recent World Economic Forum report identified four emerging business models in […]

The 100th Idiot

I sometimes revisit some of my older blog posts. Mostly to feel good about myself but also to hold myself to task whether some of my theories hold water. Most of these older ramblings are just that. Ramblings, but some of them are really spot on. Despite all the negativity of the last few weeks […]

Marshall London Wins Best of IFA 2015

Amazing news last weekend when Marshall London was rewarded with Best of IFA 2015 and GIGA AWARD for ‘Best Designed Product’!

An Ode to Marshall London’s Chief Software Architect

The sound of Marshall’s London lifestyle phone for music lovers are finally rolling over the hills. More information about this grand piece of music history will follow over the next month until it gets to stand the test of the market on the 21th of August. There is a genius to Zound Industries to which little compare and most of us at Interesting […]