ITG Starts Consulting in Cryptocurrency

Digital currencies, with Bitcoin in particular has been described as ”the new internet”, an industry currently valued at 10 BUSD, and growing at a rate of 400% yearly. What threats and opportunities arise in your industry in a world of free and frictionless transactions?

Our consulting services provide an unique insight into the world of cryptocurrency, both from a technological perspective and business strategy perspective.

We do workshops ranging from
– the one hour introduction, ”how does it work and why is it interesting”
– to longer workshops, outlining possible impacts it might have on your business and co-development of business strategy.

A technology such as cryptocurrency will be pervasive across many industries, with most immediate impacts on the banking, finance and media industries.

Leading this work is Sergej Kotliar. With a CV that includes working in business development at Bonnier and founding mobile coupon startup Rabble, Sergej brings with him great experience in the bitcoin space as well as a deep knowledge of business strategy and disruptive technologies.

Contact us at

Sergej Kotliar, +46 (0) 704 673 367, sergej.kotliar at itgdigital.com
Erich Hugo, +46 (0) 766 450 130 erich.hugo at itgdigital.com