King-founder Invests in Sensor Technology

King-founder invests in sensor technology 
The newly established Swedish sensor technology company Most (Swedish Mobile Sensory Technology AB) launches a world leading IoT product expected to revolutionize the supply management and transport integrity of sensitive goods such as fruit, vegetables and electronics. The demand and growth potential of Mosts product is considered very high.
The company also brings together a group of experienced Swedish entrepreneurs and investors. In addition to the two founders; branding expert and entrepreneur Nils Tunebjer and former head of business development for Nokia Erich Hugo Mosts group of investors also includes the creators of gaming company King Digital Entertainment (NYSE: KING).

Mosts IoT-based sensor is developed on the latest available software and hardware technology, ensuring a very cost effective production process. Comparable solutions on the market today offer significantly more complex and expensive alternatives.

The sensor is placed in containers being transported across far distances and provides information for importers and exporters about changes such as differences in temperature and humidity, which potentially could damage the goods. The sensor thereby contributes to improved integrity of supply chains and consistency in delivery.

– Our Sensor is about the size of a hockey puck, and can remain in the container after delivery. Information is automatically sent via mobile technology directly to a cloud-based interface. For less than hundred dollars a piece, users are given the possibility of advanced real-time monitoring which benefits both buyers and sellers, says Erich Hugo partner in Most.

Most is owned by the investment company ITG Invest and the quartet behind gaming company King Digital Entertainment; Thomas Hartwig, Patrik Stymne, Sebastian Knutsson, and Lars Markgren. ITG Invest focuses on investments in the cross section between design and technology and is owned by Nils Tunebjer and Erich Hugo. The sensor was developed along with technology – and innovation consultancy BAS ITG.

– We firmly believe in the product. It is an innovative IoT product that demonstrates the benefits of combining advanced software with great product design. Most already has customers waiting for deliveries, and we expect a strong expansion in the coming years, says Sebastian Knutsson, co-creator of King Digital Entertainment and investor in Most.

For more information, please contact erich.hugo at basitg.com

About Most

Most is a startup sensor technology company whose sensor helps to improve the transport integrity of sensitive products such as fruit, vegetables and electronics. The product increases the predictability and security of a supply chain and prevents insurance fraud and disputes.

More information: http://mobsentech.com/


King-founder Invests in Sensor Technology