Mobile OS’s as Celebrities

1. iOS = Tilda Swinton

The ultimate ice queen. Buttoned up and inaccessible. Beautiful to a chilling degree. You can interact with her and it will be a heavenly experience but only if you play by her rules. If you dont then she will judge you as a failure.

2. Android = Mila Kunis

Exotic and fresh. Not quite sure where you have it but the promise for success is as great as the promise is of frustation. Competent and willfull to an extreme degree. Bohemian, will let you go with a smile if you dont like it. Your loss.

3. Windows 8 = Madonna

Used to rule the roost! The Queen of the 90′s the Empress of the industry. Enthralled and boosted the environment but has lost the glitz and the glam. Now after the umpteenth re-invention getting a bit garrish and embarrasing. But everybody likes a fighter.

Honorable Mentions:

Jolla = Audrey Tautou
Symbian = Queen Elizabeth