So incredibly beautiful to see the sign-language presenter, for children’s news program Lilla Aktuellt on Swedish Television, experiencing Glitch at Tekniska museet – Hyper Human. #exhibitiondesign #experienceengineering #fearlessbydesign

Oväntat resultat när AI ger form åt utställning

Artificiell intelligens har nu fått bearbeta designen till Tekniska museets kommande utställning Hyperhuman. Designern Monica Förster har samarbetat med BAS Interesting Times Gang för att utforska vad som händer i den kreativa processen när formelement bearbetas av AI-algoritmer, och resultatet är något överraskande – när datorn får arbeta fritt förvandlas strama former till organiska, naturinspirerade […]


Congratulations to the team at Helix Cognitive Computing for launching their new Blockchain contender!  The Interesting Times Gang got the opportunity to do an innovation sprint with the Helix team last year in the advent of their development, and we’re excited to see the vision come to life.  About Helix  By using a next-generation peer-to-peer […]

Artificiell och mänsklig intelligens skapar utställning om AI

Mänskliga robotar, artificiella intelligenser och inopererade maskindelar – Tekniska museets nästa storsatsning blir en utforskande upplevelse om att leva i symbios med tekniken. Mänskliga och maskinella hjärnor från Monica Förster Design Studio, BAS Interesting Times Gang och Tekniska museet samarbetar för att skapa utställningen som planeras öppna i mars 2020.     Samtidigt som hundratals […]


Ankarsrum Kitchen Assistant is the best in class and a must have for everyone trying to be anyone in the kitchen. BAS ITG & BAS ID foodies was ecstatic when this iconic Swedish food maker asked us to create a customer experience for their e-commerce platform that matched their heritage and class, and supported their […]


Welcome to a world of Innovation – BAS and Sandvik combines the art of engineering, design and robotics at Arlanda terminal 5.  Together with Sandvik, BAS has developed an interactive installation at Arlanda, Terminal 5. Here, travellers can experience a robotic demonstration that helps tell Sandvik’s impressive stories of innovation. Global industrial company Sandvik meets […]


LET THE FUTURE HAPPEN   Registrera här: https://bastalks4.splashthat.com/   I serien av Bas Talks är det nu dags att prata kring några av de konsumenttrender som ingår i BAS trendrapport. Trendrapporten kommer med flera nedsläpp under detta år och vi startar med årets första kapitel – Curated Places, Retail Renaissance och A Service Ahead.   Det handlar om platser som […]


It’s never too late to send congratulations! We’re happy to announce that The Lobby and AMF Fastigheter won the prestigious award for Best Innovation during NCSC Awards. Read more about the reward at https://www.amffastigheter.se/nyheter/2018/amf-fastigheter-vinner-innovationspris-for-the-lobby/


We’re very proud and happy to present our new collaboration with Tele2. Together we’ll create the retail experience of tomorrow. – We are very happy and excited about our collaboration with our new colleagues at BAS. Personnel chemistry, creativity and great courage were attributes important to us in the selection of retail partners, and BAS […]

EVERYhere – Trend seminar everyhere

Our new consumer trend report from is spreading it’s wings. Our insights aims to inspire and provide knowledge of the retail industry but also to give concrete advice for the clients of BAS ITG. We’ve produced The Commercial Trends reports since 2008. For more information please contact info@basitg.com

How digital product design is disrupting traditional industry definitions

It is becoming something of a truism that digital product design is disrupting traditional industries. I think it is interesting, though, to focus on how this is happening, and especially in retail, where consumer experience is a vital element. Four emerging retail models A recent World Economic Forum report identified four emerging business models in […]


This is the most exciting time to be in retail. Tech and digital are changing customer experience and the way people shop. We want to take on a holistic view and address the question how new technologies can help drive footfall and revenues.   The 20 of October we are holding a breakfast seminar in […]


Virtual reality is here and is already a driving factor for success for companies. We will bring some excellent knowledge and people together to talk about how Virtual Reality can be used to drive footfall and increase sales. See the invite > link    Breakfast seminar agenda / 08.00 -09.30    The Future of shopping Erich Hugo […]

We are hiring new UI / UX Designers

BAS ITG is growing rapidly within tech and digital innovation, business development and design. We are now looking for another experienced UI/UX Designer with the right set of skills and attitude to create an amazing app- and web designs for our clients.   You are a highly skilled individual who has a proven track record and […]

The Internet of Things / The Twisted Copper Pair Podcast with Erich Hugo

So we’ve written quite a bit about the Internet of Things, but in this episode of the Twisted Copper Pair Podcast, we get into the detail with Erich Hugo of BAS ITG. During the conversation, Erich dispels a few myths, gives us an insight into how IoT solutions come about and their practical value.   […]

BAS ITG Kids Hack Day

Vi lever i en fantastisk tid och vi vill visa barn och ungdomar att möjligheterna är enorma om man bara använder sin fantasi med rätt teknik. Välkommen till en dag full av nya kreativa möjligheter och magi!   Agenda / Tuesday 14 June 2016 / 11:00 to 15:00 11.00 – Intro med Erich Hugo, Founder / Skapa magi med […]

Virtual Insanity

“For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.” Richard Feynmen.     When I left the army in 1992 I got onto a plane to London where I got a job as a nursing assistant in an old age home in Surrey, while I was looking for […]


FRESH FROM MWC 2016 BARCELONA  BLOOMBERG NEWS FEED   The MOST solution is designed to monitor the total supply chain in number of industries. Users of the service will get real-time data on location, temperature, light, humidity and shock over the intuitive MOST Web interface. With the plug-and-play capability to attach an external sensor via […]

Breakfast Seminar, March 8 Commercial Trends 2016 – Retail meets the Consumer

Welcome to an exciting breakfast seminar presented by BASITG, BAS and Dagens Handel. The themes are around commercial trends with a focus on unique experiences in a dynamic relationship between brand and consumer. Retail meets consumer. We call it #Consumerience [con-su-meer-iens] A new kind of consumption experience that brings brave, smart, and open-minded consumers and brands […]

Corporate America’s secret sauce

I have been active in business and mostly international business for close onto 25 years. Drifting between intercontinental corporate cultures from Asian to European to businesses in America and I have always between fascinated by why US companies (not the banks but others) generally come up smiling in a macro business culture. It cannot be […]

We are looking for a Technical Project Manager

BAS ITG is growing rapidly within tech innovation, internet of things, retail and media. We are now looking for another experienced Technical Project Manager with the right sets of skills and attitude and a great knowledge about media technology. You are probably a highly skilled individual who has a proven track record and takes pride […]

The 100th Idiot

I sometimes revisit some of my older blog posts. Mostly to feel good about myself but also to hold myself to task whether some of my theories hold water. Most of these older ramblings are just that. Ramblings, but some of them are really spot on. Despite all the negativity of the last few weeks […]

Trompe-l’œil: The Art (?) of Modern Business

*Trompe-l’œil (French for “deceive the eye”, pronounced [tʁɔ̃p lœj]) is an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions. I believe the free market of the 20th century was born out of a need that existed in the market that required growth. It was […]

King-founder Invests in Sensor Technology

King-founder invests in sensor technology  The newly established Swedish sensor technology company Most (Swedish Mobile Sensory Technology AB) launches a world leading IoT product expected to revolutionize the supply management and transport integrity of sensitive goods such as fruit, vegetables and electronics. The demand and growth potential of Mosts product is considered very high. The […]

Blueair Wins Innovation Awards at IFA 2015

Blueair won two awards for the most innovative products at IFA 2015 – the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics. For more on BASITG’s work with this inspiring company follow the white rabbit.

Marshall London Wins Best of IFA 2015

Amazing news last weekend when Marshall London was rewarded with Best of IFA 2015 and GIGA AWARD for ‘Best Designed Product’!

An Ode to Marshall London’s Chief Software Architect

The sound of Marshall’s London lifestyle phone for music lovers are finally rolling over the hills. More information about this grand piece of music history will follow over the next month until it gets to stand the test of the market on the 21th of August. There is a genius to Zound Industries to which little compare and most of us at Interesting […]

Culture trumps competence! Join us!

Hi Everyone, we are on a roll, building amazing devices, creating new consumer behaviours, writing poems, creating databases, analysing data and learning why digital and analogue solutions built with LOVE generally do win in the end. And there are so many wonderfully competent people out there that we can pick and choose like kids in a candy […]

When everything is liquid and everyone is a shareholder.

An intense rate of experimentation is currently taking place into what might eventually be an entirely new way of doing business in the internet economy. With the advent of cryptocurrency-based digital tokens, a business can completely blur the traditional lines between salary, equity and vouchers, creating an efficient way of funding projects.It works in a […]

Exponential Technology Explained for Beginners

Sometimes you surf the web and dig up a gem like this and it just says something important  in a excellent paint-by-numbers manner. BASITG  works with exponential technology daily and we do not just try to solve our customer’s day to day digital challenges but also try to prepare them for a future that looks […]

Cryptocurrency – the holy grail of paid content

During the last six months, we at ITG have made a broad dive into the somewhat bizarre world of cryptocurrency, a field where – behind hype and speculation – there’s an incredible rate of innovation. The question of the feasibility of digital cash might finally be resolved, along with trending issues of online identity, security […]

The Mere-Cutting Effect and rediscovering slow-media

(thank you Carel Alberts for being an editor extraordinaire) As always seems to be the case with me, a recent 2-hour flight became a rare and memorable time to consume some slow media. Why is it a thing? I suppose life happens and I tend to turn to paper when I must, using it to […]

Working in tech as a non-techie person

I´m not a techie person! And by techie I mean my friends who vacuums the Internet on bitcoins, nerds down into details of the latest Mac OS release and waits for the release conference as a child on Christmas eve or my boyfriend who can sit indoors on a sunny (!!) Saturday trying out a […]

ITG introduces the latest recruit

Growing up I always knew I wanted to work with new technology and consumer products. I remember surfing the web in the early 90′s being disappointed because of the lack of social services, I remember ICQ being the best means of communication. Now, 20 years later, I can surf the web on my smartphone and […]

Data is just a fancy word for logistics and other retail revolutions

This has probably been done before because anybody that has access to Wikipedia must have been able to put this together. Apparently we are living in exponential times. Positives are bigger (smaller), better, faster. Negatives are decreasing at the same exponential rate as well, despite what some scare mongering media wants you to believe.http://www.spectator.co.uk/the-week/leading-article/8789981/glad-tidings/ For […]

ITG Starts Consulting in Cryptocurrency

Digital currencies, with Bitcoin in particular has been described as ”the new internet”, an industry currently valued at 10 BUSD, and growing at a rate of 400% yearly. What threats and opportunities arise in your industry in a world of free and frictionless transactions? Our consulting services provide an unique insight into the world of […]

Entrepreneur vs Financier

About two weeks ago I was at a seminar where one of the key note speakers was introduced as an entrepreneur . He had it all. The swagger, the million dollar smile, the gift of the gab and the ego. His keynote was about his start-ups and the capital injection he has raised over the […]

Its going to be fun watching Generation X take over!

As the new decade begins, a fresh generation of leaders and decision-makers is now emerging on the world stage. With the last of the Silent Generation passing away, and the Baby Boomers waning in their influence, the so-called “Generation X” is coming into power. Born between the late 1960s and early 1980s, Gen-Xers are more […]

The rise of the Benign Information Dictators revisited

The term “Data is the new oil” is being bandied about lately. I actually wrote that term all ready in 2009 in my blog post for Bonnier R&D : Big Tech. Erich Hugo on the rise of the benign information dictators. “And this leads us to the web and the rise of the benign information […]

Birthday Level 42

I have just turned 42 and apart from fantastic presents from my amazing family (an Anon mask and an Elvis wig) my Monday morning was absolutely made by Google + and one of my favorite authors ever, Daniel Suarez. I received this message in my inbox when I got to work   Obviously its not […]

The Mobile Industry Will Shift… Again

Mark Selby is the former VP of Industry Collaborations and Multimedia at Nokia. These days he is a highly sought after independent consultant and speaker who serves on a wide range of boards. The seemingly inexorable growth of mobile phone use continues apace.  Upgrades from feature phones to smartphones, shorter phone replacement cycles and use of […]


If you’re in the business of m- or e-commerce RiskPointer is the start-up making sure that your transactions become secure and fraud-free. ITG Digital is developing new marketing and product material for this Nokia & Navteq related company. Together with our sister company BAS we combined this big data analytic self-learning location based algorithm with […]

And Nokia fades from social zeitgeist..

I was quite astounded when I played around with Google Trends to see what the current zeitgeist in mobility is . It was quite astounding to see just how far Nokia has fallen. From being the most (still) searched term in 2010 in Mobility to now not even being relevant. Also the impression that WindowsPhone […]

PWC release report: 2013 Top 10 Technology Trends for Business

Pervasive computing: This involves using mobile devices to digitally engage and interact with enabled objects in the vicinity. Cyber security: With technology-enabled processes bolstering and driving the global economy more and more, comes the continued need for cyber security. Big data mining and analysis: This trend is about making better business decisions by using the […]

Thomas Belk’s Five Observations on the Journey to Digital Retail Revolution

Very very good observations from Thomas Belk, CEO of Belk’s, INC. Background : Belk, Inc http://www.belk.com We’re a (125 year old) department store (retail chain) rooted in timeless values and a rich heritage. We’re committed to delivering fashion and today’s top brands to the modern Southern woman.   The 5 key observations by Thomas Belk that […]

The Apple-Trap

New Definition : The Apple- Trap. The Apple-Trap is used to describe Apple’s ability to initiate revolutions but its inability to see said revolutions through. Apple has the unique ability to take consumers to the next level, but that’s all they do. Rarely do consumers stay with them, so they have a massive churn rate. […]

Digital Strategy : Retail Week 3 2013

This year has ramped up faster than Usain Bolt. We have signed, or are in the process of signing up a slew of new (and exciting) customers But to kick the year off we have just decided to share some links of what we are reading right now. There are tidbits of fantastic info and […]

The Bozo Explosion at the house that Steve built

Love him or loath him, Steve Jobs was a great  manager. A great manager creates great employees. A great manager takes adequate people and turns them into great people. A great manager is then the Quality of Service signature on the work that said employees delivers to end users, be it consumers or business partners.  […]

Women in technology (Swedish edition)

For all its much vaunted liberalism, and Sweden has achieved so much, there are certain areas where the gender equality glass ceiling is clearly evident. None so is more visible than in Technology. I was recently invited by my good friend and robot-programmer (now community manager ), Paulina Modlitba Söderlund  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/paulina-modlitba-s%C3%B6derlund/0/5b1/794 to participate in a […]

Companies need innovators like babies need love

About 8 years ago the e-commerce revolution was in full swing. It was after the dot com boom had become a distant memory and all producers were attracted by the quick win of awesome margins online. Obviously Apple was doing it successfully so everybody wanted a piece of the cake. When we got the order […]

The fall of Nokia

Nokia is an awesome brand, let there be no doubt. It’s the first company that I had ever worked for that took its social responsibility in the developing world seriously. We had departments helping disadvantaged communities in India, Africa and South America. People across the world loved Nokia (without being obsessive like Apple fans) because […]

Media houses do not need to re-invent their products, they need to re-invent themselves

Disney’s Peter Pan “All of this has happened before and all of it will happen again.” We live in an infinitely digital world where everything we surround ourselves with is sparkly. Most people therefore have an aversion to look at history to get some guiding principles as to what is really happening in the world […]

It’s not about data, it’s about what you do with it

(A STEP BY STEP EXPLANATION WHY YOU ARE LIVING IN THE FUTURE) To really understand exponential growth think about the game of chess. The Gupta emperor asked one of his wise men to make a game for him in the 6thcentury and as payment he can ask for anything as a reward. The wise man […]

Authors that get technology

I have been witnessing a very interesting trend in Science Fiction writing. The supposed future that authors create have become very familiar to modern day readers, in as much that the technology portrayed makes sense to the readers. The golden age of Sci Fi , the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s was filled with Sci Fi […]

Better late than never: the birth of HBO Nordic

Netflix and HBO are making grand entrances to the Nordic market in the coming months, bringing with them a tidal wave of uncertainty sweeping over local video-on-demand players, and anybody else trying to make a living out of distributing – for the main part american – content. Starting in 2005, video-on-demand services created a promise […]

The rise of the benign information dictators

One of my fave journalists is Miriam Olsson Jeffery @miriamolsson on twitter. She is kind of the Swedish eye into Silicon Valley, an important information source to have if you work in IT here in the Scandinavian Tundra. Her opinion is worth it because unlike allot of other technology journalists she is truly immersed in her work, not just […]

The evolution of the retail revolution

I was sitting in a workshop with some Aussie retailers this morning and we had a chat about the exponential growth of retail. Companies such as IKEA, TARGET, WALMART, H&M all started in the 5 years after the second world war. It suddenly struck me that it was because of logistics that these companies became […]

The awesome growth of Mobility in Retail

Forrester, the research firm, found that 50% of players in this sector invested less than $100k in smartphone-related schemes in 2011. “It’s easy to forget that mobile retailing is still in its infancy, and unlike what we saw with ecommerce ten short years ago, mobile is almost entirely consumer-driven,” Vicki Cantrell, executive director of Shop.org, […]

Bilateral Technology Collaboration : AR and 3D Printing

Two of the most exciting technologies currently developing on the market is AR (augmented reality) and 3D Printing. To get a grasp of AR just check out www.metaio.com Not only are these guys very good at the WHAT (hard science part of the technology) but they also get the WHY (the soft science part of […]

Mobile OS’s as Celebrities

1. iOS = Tilda Swinton The ultimate ice queen. Buttoned up and inaccessible. Beautiful to a chilling degree. You can interact with her and it will be a heavenly experience but only if you play by her rules. If you dont then she will judge you as a failure. 2. Android = Mila Kunis Exotic […]

The logical, not emotional, reason why media companies are dying.

There has been quite alot of hum and ho about why media industries are shriveling in the digital sun. The thing is, their content is arguably better than ever before. As the struggle for survival heats up the quality of their output has soared to new heights. Its not enough. Publishers need to reinvent their businesses, […]

The Anglicization of the world

Amazon’s american media sales increased by the 32% in the year 2011 while the rest of the global media world increased by a more modest 16% . The obvious conclusion is that non-native English Speakers are more willing to consume media in English than native English speakers are willing to consume media in languages other […]

Mobiili Suomi’s first cover!

Interesting Times Gang is living in exciting times! We are proud to show you the first cover of Mobiili Suomi going on sale in September in Finland!  Its wonderful to work with such a wonderful team Esa, Kenneth, Janne, Henrik! It is truly a pleasure to see innovation an entrepreneurship in action

70% of all 18-29 year olds have downloaded illegal content

Here’s something interesting that I didn’t necessarily expect: Android users consume more data traffic than iPhone users according to this infographic by Brightcove. A friend’s 12 year old daughter just explained to me that everybody is dropping their iPhones and getting an Android in order to utilize The Pirate Bay app and download content directly […]

2015 and the new mobile payment paradigm

According to the latest research from ACIWORLDWIDE there should be about 2,5 billion people utilizing mobile devices as payment tools by the year 2015. That’s about 40% of the total mobile market and not restricted to smartphones. If anybody thinks that the credit card had a major effect on industries when it was introduced 60 years […]

Why is Mobile Innovation so difficult?

Let’s be honest, the jury is still out on the money making capability of apps and mobile websites. Just the fact that one can do something does not generally mean it’s the right thing to do. I recently saw pretty depressing statistics as to how many apps have never been downloaded and its quite distressing […]

Forget about outsourcing, it’s about “downsourcing”

The more I read up about how the mobile revolution is revolutionizing the world and enabling the B.O.P. Billions the more I realize that future innovation is not really about outsourcing but rather about “downsourcing”. When I worked for the man we usually had new product presentations internally where we has product manager has to […]

Remember Remember the 4th of September

September is going to be a momentous month in the Mobile Phone Mother Country Finland. ITG Digital is heavily involved in the launch of one our ideas into reality. Kenneth Jönsson, our go-to-guy in Finland, and I sat in Vetekatten about two years ago having a coffee, discussing our investment in another Super Duper Swedish […]

A fresh start for the fall – ITG Digital launches its new website!

The summer has come and gone, and while ITG Digital has enjoyed vacation we have a hard time taking off work completely. (Yes, it’s because we have the best jobs in the world). Whilst customers and projects have been on hiatus, ITG Digital has been creating a new platform to showcase some of our amazing […]

Need Before Technology

The internet revolution is over and the web has won. We are past debating at this point. Now we are rather focusing on the evolution of the digital commerce environment, more specifically on the road to mobile. As with any new consumer environment there is a plethora of technologies available to an unsuspecting business person. […]