Remember Remember the 4th of September

September is going to be a momentous month in the Mobile Phone Mother Country Finland. ITG Digital is heavily involved in the launch of one our ideas into reality.

Kenneth Jönsson, our go-to-guy in Finland, and I sat in Vetekatten about two years ago having a coffee, discussing our investment in another Super Duper Swedish company Zound Industries when we reminisced about our good old days at Nokia, when the company was still rocking and we were rolling with it. We soon started to zero in on a few key facts during this coffee session. Firstly the country that gave the world the company that placed mobile computing into over a billion people’s hands did not have any magazine (printed) about mobility! We then realised that Finland has one of the highest per capita penetrations of engineers. This country loves electronics! After all it did give the world Linux which has a billion dollar industry now based on a free product (like wow). But the more we thought about the more we thought that there is a gap in the market.

Kenneth, being one of the worlds most ardent optimists, took it further and investigated the magazine market in Finland and realised contrary to the webification of information, Finland has a healthy subscription magazine market. Finns like taking a magazine to the Sauna and getting their info fixes. Yes the print media market is reeling from a pummeling that will forever change the industry.

But we decided to create a platform called Publishing Lite.

I.e. minimum investments, if it can be outsourced it will be outsourced, overheads need to be kept to the minimum. Kenneth was inspired and surrounded himself with a awesome crew of people that with him could really turned his vision into reality! Esa, Henrik, Janne, Robbie and ITG. Kenneth did the hard yards, raised the capital and now we are a and away and we are launching! On the 4th of September we will launch Mobiili Suomi in the heartland of Nokia – Salo, to be exact, where the mobile odyssey started. Mobiili Suomi will host an event where I will sit on a panel with Tomi Ahonen, the legend, who was recently been chosen by Forbes Magazine as The most influential Mobile Expert on the planet. The host for the evening will be the famous Finnish TV personality Peter Nyman and there will be representatives from Jolla (Meego+1), Samsung and Nokia

We are planning this event on the eve before Nokia World as to maximise the impact of the launch.

To Kenneth and the crew in Finland, I just want to say : Veni Vidi Vici!

– Erich