The Apple-Trap

New Definition : The Apple- Trap. The Apple-Trap is used to describe Apple’s ability to initiate revolutions but its inability to see said revolutions through. Apple has the unique ability to take consumers to the next level, but that’s all they do. Rarely do consumers stay with them, so they have a massive churn rate.

Apples educates consumers, but has no idea how to handle educated consumers.

A list of revolutions which Apple started but eventually fell of the band wagon


  1. The Apple Macintosh was the first of its revolutions. A product that bought computing to the consumers but failed to maintain its advantage.
  2. The GUI
  3. OSX used to be a superior OS to anything else on the market but now has transformed itself into bloatware. Now  OSX is like a cover of a Kylie Minogue hit.
  4. iTunes – A media library for the home has turned into an archaic media solution. What could have been a gateway product which had consumers flocking to it has instead become a slight headache as it is hamstrung by its own business case and weight of expectations.
  5. App Store – Revolutionary to say the least but built around a closed ecosystem. So after intial sparkle the consumers are expecting something different yet Apple serves up more of the same. Remember the banjo playing boy in the movie Deliverance? He was a product of a closed ecosystem.
  6. iPad and iPhone – the sales figures speaks for themselves

Having said that, Apple’s business model has not changed in 30 years. What has changed are the consumers. The intense love affair with the company (80’s and 00’s) and revulsion (90’s) Apple rarely chugs along. It’s all or nothing. Its biggest challenge now is to speak to consumers who know more.