The logical, not emotional, reason why media companies are dying.

There has been quite alot of hum and ho about why media industries are shriveling in the digital sun. The thing is, their content is arguably better than ever before. As the struggle for survival heats up the quality of their output has soared to new heights.

Its not enough. Publishers need to reinvent their businesses, not their products.

The publishers paradigm

In the days of yore, having a constrained publishing platform (limited newspapers, restricted TV channels, expensive printing press) demanding a price for exposure was quite a sure fire way of generating margins. And because publishers put the point of publishing content before distributing it the 50 years after WW2 they slowly but surely gave away distribution to distributors to search for the next Steinbeck, or Booker Prize winner. And then when the trickle of content became a flood of galactic proportions, the dam wall burst! For little more than 20 years the new digital distribution channel compromised all the former channels (which could be equated to smoking a cigar, a cute but antiquated habit) evolving from PCs to Smartphones and now Tablets. Most people on this planet having become activated Point of Sales. Now the content really MATTERS but there is just SO much. That combined with new entrants on the market who seem to think they can produce content just as good has left the market in complete disarray.

And what do publishers do? They make MORE content, produce MORE TV, better quality, higher salaries.

We did a unique test with Mobiili Suomi in Finland. We developed the concept of Fat Free Publishing. Basically if we could not develop a 96 page magazine with just 3 permanent headcounts the venture would be futile. We did! We are the ultimate optimists and always believe we are right. So here’s to being right.