Working in tech as a non-techie person

I´m not a techie person! And by techie I mean my friends who vacuums the Internet on bitcoins, nerds down into details of the latest Mac OS release and waits for the release conference as a child on Christmas eve or my boyfriend who can sit indoors on a sunny (!!) Saturday trying out a new code library just for fun.  I instead, would be out running, meeting a friend for coffee in the sun and trying to keep my self away from any type of screen as long as possible.

This is probably cause I grew up in a family where sitting in front of a screen, any screen, or just being indoor was kind of… not as highly valued as doing something more active, preferably outside. My family did not even buy a VHS player before I turned 16. And to give some time perspective, the year was 2002, 6 years after DVD was introduced.  So I had a rough start with technology but for some reason I ended up working in a highly technical area and really enjoying it! How come?

Well that´s the amazing thing with today’s technology. It´s no longer used only by techie persons, it´s used by everyone! By your parents, your customers, your friends. And it is used all type of situations; training, paying bills, traveling, playing, communicating and etc.

So nowadays, when I try to keep my self away from an indoor computer screen and being out running instead, I do that fully equipped with the latest technology to support my active life, apparently I´m a techie person after all, I love all the non-techie techie stuff that improves and help regular peoples life!

And that´s why I´m so happy to be one of the newest employees at ITG digital, because this what we do. We help in the process of creating technology that makes peoples life a little easier, a little more smooth and also important, just makes the life more fun!

And to see what I mean with cool technology, take a look at these links and see how amazing technology can be!

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